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Feeed meeeeee~

#1810: Cloudy with a chance of storms.

#1810: Cloudy with a chance of storms. published on 22 Comments on #1810: Cloudy with a chance of storms.
I refuse to call this a plot twist because it has been for-warned 200 times already.

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  • Broken Gear

    Well, you know what they say “It’s not a party if there is no property damage”! And I get a weird feeling that this is gonna be one HELL of a party soon

  • Patrick Croft

    This gunna be good

  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    well fuck. someone’s gunna die

    • eddi_the_Bad_Hombre

      Piflak would never allow that. But that part of the school may be under repair for the next few years.

      • Shadowkey392

        I hope they’re insured.

        • eddi_the_Bad_Hombre

          They are insured of having a memorable party.

          • Shadowkey392

            Good one!

  • zophah

    My guess is he will meet a pretty girl and there will be a lot of hitting.

  • Pongo

    I think they’re not just going to hit it off, but hack, slash, burn and chop it off.

  • eddi_the_Bad_Hombre

    And Dimanika will be saying, “Ain’t love grand?” I like her Dan impersonation. Wildy would pay good money to learn that trick.

  • M.Mitchell Marmel

    Hit it off? Or just plain hit? ;D

  • GentleHunter

    It may not be a plot-twist, but certainly the beginning of some payoff of plot-setup. 🙂

  • Seiggrain Hart

    This can not end good….
    For Regina. For us readers it’ll be a hoot. Unless something really bad happens to Dan, though my money is on him either not noticing her, him being civil for once if he does notice her, or she notices him first and freaks.

    • Thundercrash

      You know, if memory serves, Dan (somehow) made a deal with Aliph and Kria that involved him leaving Regina alone. Not sure if Regina knows or was included in that deal.

      • Seiggrain Hart

        hence why I think her seeing him first and freaking out is more likely then him noticing and freaking out. He’ll probably see her, then ignore her like the mature adult that he is.

        • Thundercrash

          Did you just use the phrase “mature adult” to describe Daniel T’fiona?

          Are we reading the same webcomic?

          In seriousness, it would be rather funny to see Dan (from Regina’s perspective) blowing her off and dismissing her.

          • Shadowkey392

            Right, he’s more like “semi-mature”.

  • Alexis Casto

    Welp, time to make the extra big bag of popcorn, and get the movie chairs out.

    • Shadowkey392

      You mean you don’t have them out already?!

      • Alexis Casto

        Hey I always am one of the first few to take them out. ;D

  • Shadowkey392


  • Prince

    I’d definitely enjoy seeing more of the cubi in the purple. She’s got a great design.