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#1805: Also a big fan of air hockey.

#1805: Also a big fan of air hockey. published on 3 Comments on #1805: Also a big fan of air hockey.
This is the part of the storyline where Amber’s wrist begins to question Amber’s decision to become an artist.  Featuring a few cameos because what is a party without an excuse to include friends and those foolish enough to trust me with their OCs.

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  • dragonchampion

    Well, she seems to have a little ADD there, but she has been around for quite a while.

  • KingTwelveSixteen

    Psst, Amber. You don’t have to apologize for taking longer to make these pages like you did on your other site, just claim you’re on holiday break! Nobody ever has to know…

  • Shadowkey392

    And I like her even more now. Her and her “own your rivals” idea.