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#1803: Paying respects.

#1803: Paying respects. published on 12 Comments on #1803: Paying respects.
In a world where everyone mourns differently and there are so many cultures consisting of different coloured characters, it can be rather hard finding a universal constant.

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  • Jesse Wise

    On the subject of wings… do Cubi actually have the ability to fly? Not levitating, but physically using their wings by flapping them to travel?

    • LK

      From what I can tell, no. Dan says that he’s unable to do it and Abel had to transform into a Gryphon before he could do so.

      • Chrysi Cat

        Gave you a rec, but recall that Abel’s reason for tfing into a gryph was more that the real ones are insanely hostile to anything flying that _isn’t_ a gryphon. Though that just raises the question of how Kria is never shown being attacked :😈

        • Broken Gear

          Well, you have to remember that it would get boring to see Kira massacring Gryphons every time she flies. Plus I think that would be more gore then Amber is willing to draw

      • The_One_Guy

        It’s implied Dan is unable to use them because he doesn’t know how, not because it’s impossible to do so.

  • KingTwelveSixteen

    Pffft hahahaahha that radio joke. Oh man that’s good. Especially in this context.

  • Shadowkey392

    Soooo…some Cubi turn their wings black while others just take part in the obituary?

    • Parchment Scroll

      Abyss is an example of a Cubi with naturally black wings (see As a sign of mourning, she has changed her wings to sparkly pink.

      As a side note, Abyss is quickly becoming one of my favorite side characters, outstripping Chicki as an example of how silly Furrae can get.

      • Shadowkey392

        Somehow I didn’t notice the previous pink.

        • Parchment Scroll

          Change Blindness is indeed a thing.

          • Shadowkey392

            I seem to be afflicted by it quite badly.

  • Shadowkey392

    XD I love her affected accent.