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#1802: She likes to show up exactly 4 minutes before him.

#1802: She likes to show up exactly 4 minutes before him. published on
Some readers likely are aware of the comic Project Future, while others may not.  Those who do usually wonder what DMFA’s connection to the story is other than inspiration.  The truth is, as someone who made a webcomic that had humble origins from a sprite chatroom, that someone felt inspired enough by my stuff to go off and create so many things of their own delights me.  It makes me happy to see them making so many things and having more or less a good time…even if I am sure at points my own story probably throws a metric bushel of monkeywrenches into theirs since their comic is banking on a lot of unknown factors in mine. (No, I do not actually inform Tapewolf of what is going to happen in DMFA so a lot of their comic is based on the hopeful speculation I am not going to kill off the entire Cubi race by the end of this series.)   As an aside, there is a small chance I may kill off the entire cubi race at the end of this series. If only to spare myself starting a new comic due to being strangled to death with recording tape by an angry British man.

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