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Feeed meeeeee~

#1801: He wants registry information.

#1801: He wants registry information. published on 6 Comments on #1801: He wants registry information.
In a world of magic and races that can alter their looks, it is often good to have something in place to make sure your guests don’t cause too much trouble. Or at the very least take responsibility for their trouble-making ways.  Or at the very very least, cause Dimanika to be annoyed. This page features a cameo of Nemetfox. A while back I opened the floor for cameos to the party as a means to let myself be lazy and not have to design 80 dozen background characters I would never use again. It is the perfect crime. THE PERFECT CRIME.  So expect a lot of cameos this bit about cause that’s half the point of party scenes dagnabbit.
  • Broken Gear

    …He means pants, doesn’t he?

    • jackel999

      well what he’s wearing is shiny and jingles… he’s probably gonna end up butt naked by the end of the event.

    • Bryce

      The bell is also a tempting trophy

  • Venalitor

    People these days. Don’t want to take any responsibility for their own actions.

  • It me :3

  • Shadowkey392

    Question: what if it’s the host who cause don’t the articles to become lost or stolen?