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Feeed meeeeee~
  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    if i was in Dan’s place i’d probably go crazy at some point.

    • Second Son

      I’ve already gone crazy so sign me up!

  • Ardis Meade

    If Minki is that bored, Why don’t they start teaching?

    • Ruduen

      Mink teaching. Think about it for a little bit.

      • Ardis Meade

        Yes, very entertaining. You’re not under the impression that any of these teachers are sane are you?

        • lazureusfalcone

          Sane?.. absolutely not..
          Coherent? absolutely… most of the time.

    • Second Son

      Why is grammer being thrown out the window here? “They” is to discribe more that one person. The correct term for Mink is “he/she” as english has no gender neutral pronoun unless everyone wants to use “it” to discribe him/her.

      • Ardis Meade

        They has been used as a gender neutral singular pronoun in the english language for just about as far back as english has been a written language. Even Shakespeare was known to use it as such. So, the grammar is fine. Don’t be pedantic if the facts are not on your side.

        • Second Son

          The facts are on my side. It’s the real life application that is not.

          • Ardis Meade

            No, they aren’t. The fact is that ‘they’ is completely acceptable in this usage. You’re just a stubborn little wannabe prescriptivist who is ignorant of the actual rules of grammar.

          • Second Son

            Nice uses of vocabulary, and yes; I do tend to follow more traditional grammer rules. However, as “actual” rules of grammer are at best defined as a regional preference I’m going to keep my traditional views.

  • zophah

    Does that mean Mink is first in line for the next clan leader?

    • Drakon Lameth

      Mink might just be the youngest of Jin’s descendants, and Jin’s hedging her bets on the future by making sure she’s got at least one clan member in a theoretically untouchable location, as you kinda need one member for more in the clan. It’s why both Taun and Fa’Lina both have poked Dan about future kids, after all.

      • Jahmir White

        Sounds sad to Minx

      • LordViking

        They could also be the oldest of the in SAIA living Jin clan members, meaning when a new one comes in the oldest gets to leave. The clan leader page mentions the majority (so more than one) of the clan lives at SAIA and aren’t allowed to leave.

        Of course staying means no new descendants, and no new descendants means the current ones can’t leave, so it is a slow process to break out of.

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    Poor Mink 🙁

  • Shadowkey392

    As hellscapes go, it is pretty pretty!