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#1794: Minks ready for bready.

#1794: Minks ready for bready. published on 6 Comments on #1794: Minks ready for bready.
At this time, Aary and Mink have a long enough history and a strong enough friendship that Mink is willing to call Aary out when she is about to get a bit too Cubi Pride ranty. Also at this time, Dan and Mink have a long enough history and a strong enough friendship that Dan is willing to put up with Mink sitting on him.
  • Venalitor

    Oh, Mink. Of course we should be pressuring Dan to do things he isn’t ready for, cause that’s where comedy comes from. Like jumping out of a plane to learn to fly, or getting drunk and taking him to a adventurer building place for practical ‘practice’ of magic and transformation powers and telling him it’s an abandoned barn or some such. His misery will be hilarious for, like, half a day before it hits you just how awful you are. . . if you care about such things.

  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    so…. if that’s the case… how long has Dan been here? or rather i should say: how long does it take for one person to get used to mink being mink?

    • Jesse Wan

      That interval of time has been described as a “Minkro-second.” 😉

      • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

        that sounds about right. each Minkro-second varies with person to person that meets Mink

      • Indy

        I think of Mink as a force that just sort of…happens. Only a fool would try to fight the storm. The storm that is ‘Mink climbing all over your personal space.’

  • Indy

    It’s really impressive how fast this comic’s treatment of queer themes has developed since the bit with Devon being gay being used as a punchline (something along the lines of “well duh, look at how swishy your tail is”) I remember how that made me feel uncomfortable, but this page is like reading an entirely different comic. The art’s not the only thing that keeps getting better and better around here. Rethinking the way you interact with, write, and present queerness is no easy task, either. I’d say from experience it’s much harder than artistic development (which has also been stellar). Anyway, I love this comic, and this page is very clever and made me very happy. <3 Thanks, Amber.