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#1793: You think that would be hard hide.

#1793: You think that would be hard hide. published on 3 Comments on #1793: You think that would be hard hide.
It’s far less “attack of the 50 foot woman” and way more “where in the world is Fa’Lina Sandiego”.
  • Renadt

    Okay, so can Taun be wrong?

    • Drakon Lameth

      It could be that the fay-gifted sub dimension that the Academy is in, is powered by Fa’Lina’s tri-wing power, so when it drops into the real world, it means she’s lost her power and therefor has died; admittedly, this is mostly the second point of suspicion that Fluffy brought up, but the sub-dimension being the powered part instead of the school… same effect, different wording and all that.

      • Second Son

        I believe you are right as Fa’lina has said that one day she will die and so will the school.