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#1790: Mistakes were/are made.

#1790: Mistakes were/are made. published on 17 Comments on #1790: Mistakes were/are made.
The jury is still out if Aliph’s opinion of Regina has actually gotten high enough he considers her too competent to mess up so badly at a party to get herself killed…or if he just thinks so low of the party that they are incapable of killing Regina because that would be far too convenient for him.

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  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    yeah i am beginning to respect Aliph more and more as i see him interact with Regina this way. i just wish it didn’t take him getting killed three times for it to get like this

    • Seiggrain Hart

      to be fair, except for that flashback of Dan and Aliph’s first meeting, he’s seemed more like that one friend everyone has. You know the one, they’re always into dark arts and black magic things, sometimes pretends they’re some evil overlord. Granted, Aliph is SUPPOSED to be an Evil Overlord, he’s just seemed more of an old friend of Dan’s then an arch-enemy of his. Hell, the whole “You break down my door I get intro.” thing Aliph did reminds me of those “Same time next week?” jokes.

      • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

        huh, well that’s sort of funny… in my small group of friends I was that quiet guy who was into weird evil stuff. but i preferred forbidden science (of the Mad variety) to Black magic.

        • Second Son

          To quote Celia from Addictive Science; “SCIENCE!!!”

          • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

            LOL YEAH! but i would be doing a lot more evil things with my mad science. a little mass murder there, a little force evolution here, maybe a dash of mind control?

          • Second Son

            What? No time travel? No space/time distortions? No reviving dead species? No superweapons? No promoting the consumption of Doritos flovored Roma Noodles?! YOU SIR ARE AN AMATEUR!

          • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

            Time Travel is confusing as hell, Space-time distortions are too ineffective without massive amounts of resources, i want to kill all life not bring dead life back, Superweapons are inefficient and expensive and I don’t care about that last bit of nonsense. i guess i shouldn’t say “mad scientist” but “evil scientist”

  • Broken Gear

    I can indeed confirm that suicidal thoughts are one of possible side-effects of having a job. Other side-effects include but are not limited to: hair loss, dry skin, bad posture, philosophical thoughts about nature of existence, getting payed.
    Before getting a job, please consult a doctor.

    • Torn

      But how can I afford healthcare before I get a job…?

      • LifeWulf

        Be born in Canada, the UK, or some other country with universal healthcare.

  • MrAMP

    To be moderately fair, Aliphs did hit it on the head with that punchline.

  • Alexis Casto

    Okay Regina looks so cute in the first panel and not an insane killer demon. xD

    • Broken Gear

      beware the cute ones

  • Pongo

    When Kria says he’s not himself after being resurrected, I have a feeling she actually means he’s getting more mellow, less murdery, which for a demon (especially Kria) is incomprehensible and frightening.

    • Seiggrain Hart

      That is possible, as he has seemed to be less bent on killing the entire Undead race and more on being left alone… Though he did receive a lot of heat for some reason lately so that may be why. He might just be smart and waiting until people forget he’s back before making his next move.

      That, or maybe the returning from the dead is what made him more and more obsessed with destroying the Undead race.

    • LordViking

      It was some time ago but I thought it meant he was loosing part of himself. Look at his (chronological) first encounter with Dan. He is playing it calm, is pragmatic and doesn’t waste time on unimportant stuff, even releasing his prisoners because his goals shifted and they are no longer useful to him. Yet in his first in comic appearance (after he had been resurrected a few times already) he fully embraces the cliche villain role and acts more rash and emotional.

      Right now he seems to be back to how he was before his first death though.

      • Broken Gear

        Well, there is a trope called “Early Installment Weirdnes”, which basically means that some things from early part of the work are inconsistent or even contradictory to canon that gets established later and cannot be changed without a major ret-con.
        It’s either that or he just shifts personality every time he comes back.