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#1787: What will be.

#1787: What will be. published on 7 Comments on #1787: What will be.
This one goes out to the 3 folks who will get the Gmod texturepack joke. Time to finally get to that storyline with the party that was talked about like 80 million updates and years ago!
  • I think you’re missing a texture in panel 2.

    • zophah

      I saw that too. It’s funny how it actually makes sense. The fey world has access to object textures not visible from our reality.

  • Ink Dragon

    funny enough the lack of shading in the first panel makes it more interesting giving that dimension a more flat look and really impressing on the readers that it is a different dimension.

  • Daionor

    Gmod texture missing XD

    I need to redownload that some time soon, that game was a blast

  • Venalitor

    More like a horror show, I’m sure.

    • Shadowkey392

      It’ll depend on who’s doing the modelling.

  • Shadowkey392

    Have I said I love this comic? I love this comic.