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Feeed meeeeee~

#1786: What could have been.

#1786: What could have been. published on 6 Comments on #1786: What could have been.
The most rare thing to witness is Pip being happy about something that isn’t at the cost of someone else being unhappy.
  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    man… i wonder what Pip sounds like when he talks… i can imagine two possibilities: DEEP AS HELL, as if he speaks like a thunderstorm; or squeaky as fuck, like that one Doberman from UP.

    • Ondřej Vágner

      I always imagined him as a deep, deep bass.

    • hariman

      Either Steve Blum playing a little off type, Marc Swint, or Kyle Hebert doing a manly voice.

      Well, depending on the voice used, Steve Blum and Marc Swint would sound almost exactly the same. Marc Swint (The Engineer) can do an almost perfect Steve Blum impression.

      If Pip were a girl, I’d say Mary McGlynn, but I think she’d be better to play either Alexsi or Kria, due to typically being more badass than anyone else in the room.

  • Shadowkey392

    She is right on both counts!

  • Erin K

    I think we can count on one hand how many times Pip has really spoken. This kind of worries me.

    • LordViking

      I can remember four occasions from the top of my head, five if you include the time in Abel’s dream. So yeah, one hand seems just enough.