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#1785: Meta Meddling.

#1785: Meta Meddling. published on 17 Comments on #1785: Meta Meddling.
There are a lot of ways in which one can peer at others…well..not factoring in various wards or the difficulties of doing so.  For this convo I am just talking about devices used.  The most popular is the ever iconic crystal ball.  Though some do enjoy using things like magic mirrors or reflective pools of water. Pip prefers looking into campfires to gaze at those he is curious about.  Mainly because it gives him the chance to call them flaming idiots.
  • Shadowkey392

    …I think Pip just became my favourite character in this story.

    • Kaiser

      You mean he wasn’t from the get-go?

      • Shadowkey392

        He was one of my favourites, now he’s my number one favourite!

        • Broken Gear

          W e a r e n u m b e r o n e !

  • hariman

    Huh. I was a bit right about this, but I didn’t guess the second half. That honor goes to one of the other commenters.

  • Bryce

    The most important fact on this page is that the fey realm has bubble tea. I almost missed it.

  • Second Son

    That face you make when your pet drake has tea with your daughter in a pocket universe as they talk about the stupidity of a “dragon” that considers you an enemy… I really would love to see Mab’s face

  • Jesse Wise

    I don’t get it… what is Pip exactly, and why has he gone from kii kii kii to talking like a full grown dragon? Is he some sort of immortal faerie dragon?

    • Spoons

      Pip’s identity was hinted at a while ago. The universe at large is contested by the free willed fey and dragons, who represent order. Dragons like Hizell aren’t even close to the power of dragons that rule other dimensions. Pip disobeyed the leader of said dragons and became cursed to wander the cosmos in a severely weakened form.

      You have to do a looot of digging to find that info. Tl;dr, Mab and other fey are more powerful than gods, Pip is one of their enemies, of equal cosmkc power, turned traitor and cursed to an inferior form.

    • LordViking

      Adding to Spoons comment, you might want to re-read a few pages, starting here:
      It explains some things about Fae, Dragons, and hints at what Pip is.

      Pip has spoken, just to Mab though, a few times before but those pages are harder to find.

      • Chrysi Cat

        Not totally true. He also invaded Abel’s dream-state to speak to him on the night Gen visited Lost Lake by herself.

        • LordViking

          I didn’t count that one because of dream-shenanigans and Pip denied having anything to do with it. Though he could’ve been lying.

  • LordViking

    New headcanon, Pip is messing with Hizel purely because he does not like this world’s dragons calling themselves dragons.

  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    this… i was not expecting… and who the hell is that Fae he’s talking to?