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Feeed meeeeee~
  • hariman

    Oh my… was it Cyra? Or was it someone else with a little more Rose tinted view of the world?

    • QG

      I’m thinking it was Pip.

      • hariman

        Oh snap! I’m pretty sure you’re right, as Pip was the one we saw not long ago at May’s grave… which makes me suspect that Hizell had something to do with Pip being trapped in the drake form.

  • Kaelpie

    This is Overlord levels of overthinking things.

    • Second Son

      Not really, I do this level of overthinking all the time.

      • Kaelpie

        Well yeah but you don’t run an empire or plan to exterminate an entire race.
        I’m just gonna start calling Hizell, Jircniv

  • Shadowkey392

    Well, THAT is an unexpected twist.

  • Pongo

    So he hates the line of Siar, but not NEARLY as much as he hates Cyra. So why is he going after Abel instead of Dan?

    • The_One_Guy

      I don’t think he knows about Dan.

      • Pongo

        Very likely, given how paranoid Abel was about hiding all Dan’s clan marks. And Abel is working to keep it that way. Hizell probably wouldn’t have known about Abel, if Aniz hadn’t been such an arrogant nutjob.