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#1781: Just dont sleep in the middle of mushrooms.

#1781: Just dont sleep in the middle of mushrooms. published on
Would be super awkward if he ended up sleeping for 40 years lemme tell ya. (Temp Notice: Entering that oh no trip is almost upon me travel planning panic stage. Will be posting a wallpaper up later today and ze taco review. Next update on Monday will be the last one for a bit as since I mentioned below I will be travelling out for the week so off and awaaaaay. So I will see you all Monday in the meantime! I will be off and away during the updates of September 8th and September 11th due to being out of country to attend a wedding. If all goes well there may be guest comics to entertain you in the meantime. It really depends on if I can coerce anyone out there reading this into drawing some. *shifty eyes* If not, I may be able to sucker my husband or brother into making something which I am sure will not go horribly wrong in any way. But either way I wanted to give people theheads up so that they are not confused when it happens.)

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