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Feeed meeeeee~

#1780: Sticking them in paintings is my favorite.

#1780: Sticking them in paintings is my favorite. published on 14 Comments on #1780: Sticking them in paintings is my favorite.
*does the little dance jig of “Opinions expressed by characters in the comic do not necessarily reflect the creators.”* Except for the title.  That whole jumping into paintings thing was always a neat concept to me.  
  • KingTwelveSixteen

    I like how upfront about the whole “Binding Promises” thing Mab is being.

  • James

    Or Mab could deal with the problem at its source and kill Hizell.

    But she won’t, because it would interfere with the scheeeeeeeeeeming of the TRUE FAE.

  • Atheneum Monkey.

    Those other options are also very cruel. It seems like she does not want to hold back. But this is a violent world, so I guess Mab is following the rules with her cruelty.
    Why not do what a mortal can and use nonlethal force to stop her? The
    Mythos might get harmed but you don’t need magic for it and she would
    not die.

  • Bryce

    Huh, she actually has a good point. I didn’t expect that.

  • Alexis Casto

    Mab is suddenly so wise… I should be scared.. Excuse me while I ran in the opposite direction of her.

  • MrAMP

    Man, you know for someone that always seems so gleeful, she does have quite the imagination when it comes to creatively disposing of your enemies.

  • Arcane Howitzer

    “Well, you could have moved her to someplace remarkably inconvenient. Like the foothills of yonder mountain, or the Pink isle of a supermarket in (insert in-world equivalent of China here), or, heck, just drop her in Hizell’s bathtub wrapped up in a big pink bow for all I care. As long as she’s neither here nor dead.”

    I suppose, in a way, her lack of creativity was the cruel part, if only because there were so many possible solutions that were inconvenient and embarrassing without being lethal or torturous. In fact, she arguably went for the least creative way to end a fight ever by just un-making one of the quarreling parties.

    • “just drop her in Hizell’s bathtub wrapped up in a big pink bow”
      I like.

    • Bryce

      She can teleport so I’m not sure if sending her any distance away would help for more than a round or two.

    • Marissa Fabian

      Not really; Hizell would keep sending her sisters after Pyroduck. This could mean he would kill her and send a sister because she would be deemed incompetent, assuming the Mythos wasn’t able to teleport back in immediately.

      • Michael Vroom

        I agree with you there. I’m of the opinion that she should have picked one of the options that essentially trapped the Mythos. Really, Alexi should have had a say in how someone attacking her inn was disposed of, since apparently Mab had some choices about it.

  • Broken Gear

    Oh, like her thinking! Shame she didn’t do any of that stuff. Especially the brainwash thing, since as she was some part of larger “psychic network” she could’ve pass that along… the possibilities are endless!!!

  • Studley Destiny

    Since when did Mab stop being a random force for strange and actually start thinking straight? I must have missed something, somewere! -lol-

    • Kaiser

      If you didn’t notice that she’s incredibly cunning and intelligent and just capricious due to the perspective of not really having the standard concerns of mortals to begin with, you’ve missed a =lot= everywhere.