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Feeed meeeeee~

#1779: Must be that 2% of water.

#1779: Must be that 2% of water. published on 13 Comments on #1779: Must be that 213 of water.
Ever since the great brownie incident, Mab has promised to avoid using any oven stronger than an E-Z bake.  
  • Patrick Croft

    I forgot about the brownie incident! Ah the memories.

  • James

    I’m reminded of White Wolf’s Changeling: The Lost.

    The Fae look like beings, yet are more alien than anyone realises.

  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    hey she’s not wrong. she might as well be a river in comparison to a being or a creature

  • Michael

    Thats terrifying. Just erase sombody from existance with a shrug? Sounds like the bad guy, to be honest.

    • lazureusfalcone

      Nah.. bad guys tend to put effort into their craft.. Fae are just something you try to avoid getting in the way of.. like a boulder rolling down the hill.

      • Michael

        1: You just fired your machinegun at that childrens birthday party!!??
        2: And? I couldn’t care less, had to check it. I am the biggest badass in the world, nobody can touch me anyway.
        See my point now?

        • lazureusfalcone

          I see your point.. and have to point out that it is flawed in this case.
          Your point has entity #2 as someone on your level and out of their mind.. a person firing a gun can be seen as insane or evil.. and you would be correct.. BUT…

          The issue is when the force is not of your level.. like a Fae.. or a falling rock or say.. a Whale. all three are neither human nor care for what you believe they should be.. if whatever force even notices your being.. it may not care in the slightest.

  • Broken Gear

    With creatures this powerful and whimsical, it’s a wonder that the world was not erased. Then again it might have already been and was “simply” brought back.