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#1776: Getting that sweet Mab loots.

#1776: Getting that sweet Mab loots. published on 15 Comments on #1776: Getting that sweet Mab loots.
Granted unless you go with a short sword or bastard sword good luck finding a random loot drop that caters to your weapon proficiency.  😐
  • LordViking

    Did… did Mab disintegrate her just now? She’s pretty protective of her mortal friends but that was harsh. At least it was quick.

    • Maybe a teleportation to a different place or world where she’ll be safe? It’ll appear that she’s dead and no more sisters would follow. Hey, we can hope…

      • Why Not

        Well it probably wouldn’t stop the sisters following given the choice was: kill them yourself and end it or watch them die over and over in front of you. That said, at least they’d still be alive.

        • Thunder

          Not really, if you think about it.

          These girls are fanatically loyal to Hizell. So even if Mab just teleported them away, they’ll probably do one of two things:

          1. Return to continue their attempts to kill Pyroduck,

          2. Return to Hizell and inform him of their “failure”. Which I don’t give them good odds of surviving.

          • Why Not

            Well, I was more talking about this one in particular. It’s not a long term solution, but it might keep the one alive long enough for Pyro to find one. More than one, especially with the chances high they’ll be much more fanatical, as opposed to this one who outright says Hizell is cruel and that she hopes Pyro can outhink him and things get messy.

  • Venalitor

    Been a while since that Polearm joke.

  • Leo Grove

    Mab takes a life and only cares about the cool stuff left behind. I am scared and yet I find that perfectly normal.

    • Spoons

      Mab is an immortal being of incalculable power from a different dimension that is guided by her own whimsy. The only thing separating her from an Outer God or a Great Old One is her appearance. And other things, but those are less scary.

  • Kaelpie

    Yeah, those drop rates can be a bitch.

  • Triplejx3

    Slight continuity error with the torn left shoulder not torn anymore

    • Pongo

      It was his right shoulder, and um… Mab fixed it?

  • jackel999

    so did that use up Pyroducks Fae “boon” then? she did just save his life short term at least.

  • Bryce

    It’s pretty clear what happened here. Hizel accidentally sent Mab when she was wandering around transformed into one of those mythos on a whim. She decided to follow the order to stay in character. Then when the situation changed enough so that one of her friends was in immediate danger she transformed back into herself to protect him. Having defeated the dangerous mythos she was, she gets to loot the mythos’s equipment. Clear as mud.

  • Pongo

    Based on her impaling of Nutmeg, I’d say a polearm is right in Mab’s wheel house.

    • LordViking

      Mab seems to have an affinity to them. She also got a polearm when they completed the mission to rescue Alexsi from Mink territory.