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Feeed meeeeee~

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  • MrAMP

    To be fair, I believe things are already weird as they are with the whole mind set going on here. I must admit that the facial expressions are pretty solid here.

  • LordViking

    You’d almost start feeling sorry for her, till you remember who she serves and what she’s trying to do.

    • Thomas Lacroix

      I don’t know, the way she’s raised and taught to obey sounds pretty close to indoctrination. You can feel sorry for someone and still firmly oppose their actions and what they represent.

  • Steel Ankh

    I wasn’t expecting to be laughing at this one. Good job!

    • Jesse Wan

      Now kiss. 😉

  • Bryce

    When Kria called them a “Death cult” I assumed they would be overjoyed to die for their master. It is interesting to note that this woman views it as futile to do anything else and merely a way to hopefully prevent any other (of her kind?) from dying.

    Also even as she tries to kill him and expects to die at his hand she still calls him “lord”. That says a lot about her even if I’m not sure what.

    • Mikel Syn

      I don’t think that was the intend. More like a “oh my god” but with lord because their lord is their deity.

      • Bryce

        That makes more sense

  • Pongo

    I have to wonder if it’s so much a “death cult” as it’s a “if Lord Hizell tells me to die, and I don’t, he is going to do to me and my family and everybody I know what he did to Siar’s clan.” You don’t have to like it. Just obey, or else! Having an all-powerful protector is not always a picnic.

  • Alexis Casto

    Well things are getting… weird, tho this is DMFA, weirdness is normal. xD

  • Leo Grove

    This seems like an odd first date.