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Feeed meeeeee~

#1773: She is filled with determination.

#1773: She is filled with determination. published on 16 Comments on #1773: She is filled with determination.
Oh nooo…that large decorative glass panel that at one point I intended to be a mirror behind the bar until I realized how awkward it would be trying to draw reflections so instead made it smoky glass…well at least since it is not a mirror this doesn’t mean seven years bad luck.
  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    what a fucking stupid message

    • Jesse Wan

      More like, what a fucking stupid father.

      • Leo Grove

        I believe it is more of a “what a fucking stupid death cult”

        • Jesse Wan

          Nope, still gonna blame the father/cult leader. If he didn’t make a cult, all those cult members would just hang out at Hot Topic and smoke cloves, or something equally “rebellious.”

    • Shadowkey392

      At it was delivered effectively.

  • Pongo

    “I need volunteers to deliver a suicide message. Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?” But hey, heartwarming family moment that Hizell called him “Son!”

    • Shadowkey392

      It IS nice to know your dad acknowledges you right as he sends someone to assassinate you isn’t it?

    • The_One_Guy

      Well, they have some sort of Death Cult according to Kria, so finding volunteers likely wasn’t too difficult.

  • MrAMP

    You know, credit where credit is due here. That’s a pretty nifty way to get his son motivated to kill someone.

  • Jim Croteau

    It’d be pretty funny if he just sits on her and forces Hizel to come do his own dirty work.

  • Bryce

    He has access to warp Aci even if he lacks access to the teleport spell. From now on every three months she shows up tries to kill him and promptly gets teleported across the globe. It’s an annoying chore for Pyroduck, but on the plus side she breaks a world record for accumulated frequent flier miles.

    • Venalitor

      Hahaa! Oh yes, that’s the way to stick it to the old curmudgeon.

    • zophah

      And since the messenger isn’t killed, she has to be the one to deliver every one…

  • Venalitor

    I’m confused, is that supposed to be a hard choice for him? When was that established, or is it the Hizell is an endless bag of preconceived notions unable to fathom that any may not be true thing?

    • LordViking

      While not necessarily a hard choice, it is also a matter of if he CAN do it. He’ll not only have to overcome her in terms of ability, but also have the mental fortitude to take a life. Which is probably the real test, is Pyroducky capable and willing to kill someone.

  • Alexis Casto

    Kick her ass!