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#1768: Horseshoes and handgrenades.

#1768: Horseshoes and handgrenades. published on 4 Comments on #1768: Horseshoes and handgrenades.
Definition of civility will have a variety of mileage depending on which race is using the term.
  • MrAMP

    Yeah, I have to side with Kria. Outside of it totally being fun, why can’t people just go and directly target their primary target.

  • Chuck

    I think there’s a couple of typos. In the fourth word bubble “…Rewanz has a scry(?) effect…” and in the fifth “Should we ward(?) him?”

    • Steel Ankh

      No, those are both fine. “scrying” is a magic kind of way of watching someone from a distance and seeing what they do. Warding is a way of putting up magical barriers to prevent people doing magic stuff at you from a distance.

  • The Protoss Disco-Ball

    I enjoy the way that you really keep Aliph’s characer in line. Especially here, he really feels like a cold calculating type of person. I know it’s been shown before, but his ability to instantly pick up stuff like that and think past what the current problem is is quite nice to watch ^.^