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Feeed meeeeee~
  • codebracker

    Um, I think there’s a typo in “maim”

  • Leo Grove

    From a tatical standpoint assalting Able will most likely draw Fa’lina out of SAIA which would be a more valuable goal as it leaves the school undefended and elimates one of the clan leaders if she is killed. Afterwards just killing Able would be easy and the end result would be the end of two clans and SAIA would turn into a slaughter house. Not to mention the fact that Dan will most likely try to help Able and well most likely get killed too which means that yet another clan will be weakened. The end result would be the cubi race crippled again. Nice plan, and it will bring the plot to a need for Mab’s plan to hurry into action.

    • The_One_Guy

      My thoughts where that this was more a ploy to draw out Destania, who, mad about Hizell not finishing the job and unable to get others to do it due to Zinvth’s protection, may end up acting irrationally and attacking him herself.

      • Dakota Miyamoto

        My thoughts exactly. I only hope this story ends with Hizell’s skull mounted above a mantle.

  • Norman Hanson Jr

    one wonders if there will still be a broken window after all of this

  • Shadowkey392

    Have I said I love Kria? I love Kria.