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#1763: Not so Southern Hospitality.

#1763: Not so Southern Hospitality. published on 8 Comments on #1763: Not so Southern Hospitality.
It has been a bit of time since Kria last threw someone out that window.  Them defenestration hands are getting twitchy.
  • Kria’s always thinking about job creation in her administrative role. Granted it’s always in the niche of window making, window repair, and window installation, but hey! She’s putting their kids through college!

  • codebracker

    Defenrestation ultimatum is a clasic

  • Ruud Gritter

    she ain’t the first, she won’t be the last

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    You know, I would not be so smug if I were in your shoes. Your douche king showed up in a foreign nation with hostile intent to attack someone while they were visiting their mother’s grave. Honestly if I were in Kria’s shoes I would’ve ripped you limb from limb by now then sent whatever was left back to Hizell skewered on a stick.

    • Kaeto

      That’s too kind. Send her back still alive while skewered.

    • The_One_Guy

      Hizell is really powerful though; he’s taken out nearly the entirety of 3 whole Cubi clans that we know of, one of which within a single day. The only thing protecting Zinvth is politics and the fact that he has no reason to attack. I think it’s Kria that’s being overconfident here.

      • Dakota Miyamoto

        Well, assuming there is something similar to the UN (Which the creature council could be considered) Hizell is basically risking open warfare with practically every other race.

  • Shadowkey392

    I hate Hizell’s envoy already. Never trust people who speak like that and have dead-looking glowy eyes.