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#1757: Excuse you.

#1757: Excuse you. published on 12 Comments on #1757: Excuse you.
I swear there are other doctors that work at Zinvth’s hospital but dangit, I really like drawing this guy. And for those wondering, yeah that is Mink’s father.  And for those now wondering about wondering, no he’s not a Cubi.  He’s a mythos.
  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    alright, one: ouch.

    two: clearly Amber’s too lazy to draw an epic fight scene where Abel gets his ass burnt to a crisp.

    • Shadowkey392

      Two and a half: maybe she just hasn’t figured it out yet.

  • Why no epic fight scene?

    • Travis Vaughn

      Honestly? Hizell has massacred entire clans. Clan leaders, even. The only thing he’s shown an aversion to facing down is a Fae.

      Simply? There was no epic fight scene. There was an extremely powerful dragon kicking around a cubi like a sack full of crippled puppies, followed by pulling off his wings like the insects he regards cubi as, and plucked out his eyes before either being driven off because he played too long, or left because he did exactly damn well what he came intending to do.

  • Ink Dragon

    My guess is Able was left alive to draw out other cubi

  • Alexis Casto

    Hmm I could think of a few reasons he was left alive.

    1. A spell could of been put on him to track him and his where-abouts.
    2. Kira and others got there in time.
    3. Mab got there to stop him.
    4. Hizell probably spared him so he can find out Destania’s location.
    5. Probably thought Abel was actually dead.

    Eh the list can go on. Either way I am glad he’s alive, even tho he’s in horrible condition.

  • Kara Stephens


    Abel, mah child.

  • Pongo

    Woof. Cue some major, big league guilt for Jyrras. Even Wildy might… naah.

    • Leo Grove

      And the sad violons start to play… but in all truth I want to see the gore!

      • Iamn00bish /SHOdan2

        Yeah this comic still holds the rating of internet pg and I don’t think that amber would want to change that.

  • Spoons

    And then Jyrras was convinced to make Biggs’ big nonmagic gun.

    • Shadowkey392

      Oh, yeah! I forgot about that!