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Feeed meeeeee~
  • Samantha Feeny

    Is it just me or did it go from nothing behind Able to Dragon! Was the Dragon invisible?

    • Shadowkey392

      I think he just landed.

  • Drakon Lameth

    Hah! I called it two weeks ago that something was likely to happen here. It’s like, I’m good at guessing logical conclusions or something…

    • Leo Grove

      You call this comic logical?

  • Argent

    Oh, hiiiiii, Hizell…. how ya been?

  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    well fuck. let’s hope Biggs got that Non-magic weapon he was discussing with Jyrras earlier. they’re gonna need it.

  • Gravedigger

    um, who this guy again????

    • Pongo

      That would be Pyro’s dad. Sucky family, really.

      • Gravedigger

        oh, right

  • Volpethrope

    How checked out to lunch do you need to be for a dragon to sneak up on you? 😛

  • Chrysi Cat

    I hope Jy has his pistol on him, because if not I see no way of saving these folks…

    • Travis Vaughn

      I don’t think it’ll really help in this case. Non magical or no, even your average sized person has pretty good odds of surviving a single gunshot. Something the size of an elephant? Yeaaaaah, nooooooo.

  • Gotch

    Is it Hizell or that dragon that Dan owes 20 bucks to?

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    Dude invaded another country just to kill a single cubi while said cubi was visiting his mother’s grave just to satisfy his hate boner. Hizell, you have lost any respect I may have had for you and I hope your inevitable demise is both painful and humiliating.

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    This was posted on my Birthday

    • Shadowkey392

      Happy Birthday!

  • Shadowkey392

    Oh, hey, it’s…that guy!…whatsisname…