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Feeed meeeeee~

#1748: At least you are standing.

#1748: At least you are standing. published on 5 Comments on #1748: At least you are standing.
Congrats to probably everyone who predicted this was where this scene change was going to go!  Which is in fact probably everyone.
  • Drakon Lameth

    To bring an obvious pun to a serious scene transition… I guess you could say that Wildy got stone-cold sober at the end… they’re also, oddly conveniently, dressed to be walking through a cemetery, to (hopefully?) pay respects to Abel’s mom.

    • Chrysi Cat

      Oh, no ‘hopefully’ about it; I can read her name on the stone in panel 3!

      • Drakon Lameth

        Well, the hopefully was more to the respects than to whom the grave belongs to; this graveyard would, if Wildy and Jyrras were not there, be a perfect spot to try and ambush Abel… he’ll be more emotionally sensative, because his mom is one of the only people we’ve seen him openly have positive emotions about, so an emotional overload could catch him, and if he was alone, it could be handwaved that he snuck off and “he’ll be fine” as he’s otherwisely preoccupied fighting for his life.

  • Shadowkey392

    “This club is boring!” she says as Janice beats up a bunch of guys in a booth nearby.

  • supercraft NJ

    Yep… More lively….