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#1743: Vote of incompetence.

#1743: Vote of incompetence. published on 3 Comments on #1743: Vote of incompetence.
And we’re back! (A dinosaur story!) Well…sort of back. Mostly back.  As some folks may notice the page is a bit still unpolished.  There’s a few pages that are kind of semi-borked but the most important part…the comic is at least back in action. For those who hadn’t been following along on the site, you probably have about 20 strips you missed during this all since I didn’t really stop making comics. Long story short is that shortly after the Katbox finished its upgrade fundraiser, it was discovered that for a long time there had been a virus on the server (nothing dangerous to you guys. It was just using the server to mass spam emails) and after a few failed attempts to dislodge it, it was decided that the sites had to be taken down and reinstalled fresh.  And well…when you got a lot of comics and a few comic sites and but one cheetah sorceress…that stuff takes time! We’ll be trying to get things like the archives and downloads and various side pages more up and going. But until then, at least there is comics again for here. Huzzah!
  • autonomousAscension

    Hello, comments! Hello new rebooted (also still kinda new) site!

  • porsupah

    w00t! Really good to see DMFA again. ^_^ And no small number of intriguing developments, I see..

    (Is it *so* wrong to consider Wildy a role model? =:)

  • Leo Grove

    This 20 strip update has been the best thing to happen, this should be turned into a thing. Forget the downloadables and just publish a few extra pages per week!