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#1702: Making Friends.

#1702: Making Friends. published on
There was an old cubi who swallowed a fly. I don’t know why he swallowed that fly. Perhaps he’ll die. Random temp news: First up, it would appear Dan has gotten his fool self lost on his way to Tauns. If you haven’t read Our World yet, you should give it a gander. It is a pretty fun comic and I should have shamelessly plugged it a while ago. But now I have even moreso because they have good taste in kidnapping victims. Secondly, there’s a gal who seems to be having a bit of a rough situation that I promised I’d journal promo. So if you are someone who is either in the commissioning for arts mood, or want to help out, or even just offer a friendly word of support, please consider giving her journal a read HERE. Much thanks in any event!