Regina is for many intents and purposes, a typical young demon. She is impulsive, short-tempered, powerful…and in many ways short-sighted when it comes to long term repercussions. She eagerly looks forward to the time she will be able to raze countrysides and destroy all who oppose her, but without some of the age and experience to back her…she comes across as reckless and likely to get herself killed easily by random adventurers. Self-absorbed and petty, Regina particularly enjoys toying with others and often views everyone else as simply a means to entertain her or something to be used. The rare exception to this is her second-aunt Kria whom she idolizes greatly and hopes to one day be as effective a demon. It is likely because of her idolization that she has a severe grudge against Kria’s daughter Lorenda…who she feels is a wasteful lump of inambition and it is likely this stems from a jealousy of Kria’s devotion to her daughter. Regardless, Regina bides her time and fantasizes about how she will one day rule a small kingdom of pretty boys.

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#1464: The medicine cabinet is now a make-up cabinet.

#1464: The medicine cabinet is now a make-up cabinet. published on No Comments on #1464: The medicine cabinet is now a make-up cabinet.

You can tell a lot about a person based on how their bathroom sink setup is.  Specifically if you can barely see the sink due to various hairbrushes, make-up kits, perfumes, hand lotions, body lotions, and perhaps even a decorate soap…you will likely know that this is not the bathroom where a single bachelor lives… Continue reading #1464: The medicine cabinet is now a make-up cabinet.