Not a whole lot is known about Dark Pegasus, which is likely due to his reclusive nature. While he is more than willing to engage in acts of evil intent, Dark Pegasus is very much a creature of civility. He is very self-aware of the stereotypes that exist for those who are considered a description and thus will try to avoid falling into said stereotypes himself. Sometimes this works better than others. Despite the deeds he does, it seems Dark Pegasus doesn’t necessarily enjoy engaging in evil so much that he feels they are a necessity to achieve whatever goals he has. As such, he has a high distaste for wasteful and pointless acts of violence and tends to look down on many of his demon kin…giving him the appearance as a bit of a snob. However, due to various events, Dark Pegasus has grown more paranoid over the years and also seems to have taken up a few of the habits that he strives so hard to avoid. There are many things about Dark Pegasus that are unknown, no doubt this is due to Dark Pegasus himself making it that way.

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#1487: The closest to a compliment Aliph can get.

#1487: The closest to a compliment Aliph can get. published on

One thing I have a lot of fun doing is working out the various types of communication devices that exist in the comic.  For some characters, they prefer having magical based devices that are enchanted for communication purposes.  Though recently semi technological devices have been growing in popularity, particularly around young crowds because they are… Continue reading #1487: The closest to a compliment Aliph can get.