Aaryanna’s personality is a mixture of pride and naive. Having lived a rather sheltered life in the Cubi Acadamies for much of her exsistence, Aary’s perspective of the world is rather skewed. Aaryanna is highly intelligent when it comes to Cubi-related things, however she is finding that what she is learning seems to not mesh with what is going on outside. A rather quick temper, Aaryanna is very prone to letting her emotions get the better of her. With a deep-rooted pride for her heritage, she finds many things that go against what she has been taught very frustrating. Despite it all, Aaryanna does her best to get along with most people and often has to curb her own Cubi tendencies out of respect. Luckily, Aaryanna also tends to have a short attention span so her fits of anger quickly subside as she gets distracted by some random thing.

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#1601: Stopping on by.

#1601: Stopping on by. published on
Of all the clans, Aaryanna’s clan is probably the one that would be considered most in-line with what our world thinks of when one invokes the word succubus or incubus.